Cutting to the chase

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

In a complex Banking, Accounting and Financial Services world, one filled with an enormous number of product and platform choices, Whitehaven Private Portfolios has evolved to allow their clients choice.

Understanding the needs of clients and working with Financial Advisers and Accountants has placed Whitehaven in a unique position to simplify the processes and complexity traditionally involved in managing finances by combining various reporting systems.

Whitehaven is based in Brisbane and Melbourne, with their Advisers servicing clients throughout Australia.

In 2016, Whitehaven partnered with MWL Financial Group to offer their clients additional financial services to help them realise their financial goals.

Meet the Directors

Brendon Alford 

B Bus, CA, F Fin

Brendon Alford is an investment specialist whose judgment is sought after in the industry because of the depth and diversity of his experience. He has worked in the Accounting and Investment sector since 1997 and boasts qualifications in Business, Applied Finance and Chartered Accountancy.

In May 2008, Brendon helped establish Whitehaven Private Portfolios. As Director and Portfolio Manager, he spends most of his day overseeing the investment and administrative activities of clients’ portfolios. Because of his background as a Chartered Accountant, his unique ‘after-tax performance’ view to investment operation sets Whitehaven apart.

Dominic Cronk

B Ec, BA, F Fin

Dominic has enjoyed a successful career within the Financial Services sector for almost 20 years. His prior experience includes roles within the ANZ Banking Group, Credit Suisse in London and Westwood Group. In his current role, Dominic’s broad qualifications and experience enable valuable insight in formulating integrated strategies for clients across a range of disciplines.

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