In a very fast changing economic world, having a management team with direct control is a key differentiating factor. Having the Financial Adviser and Accountant work directly with the investment manager means everyone is on the same page working to achieve the same goals on your behalf.

Operating via a Managed Discretionary Account basis means investment decisions can be made without layers of time-consuming paperwork, making your strategy far more efficient. The ability to report directly back into a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund, Company, Trust or in an individual’s name and incorporate the accounting component of each of these further enhances your strategy.

Whitehaven Private Portfolios offers investors a professional, personalised service that differentiates itself from other investment options by providing:

  • Portfolios that are customised in consultation with your Adviser to meet your financial objectives; 
  • Pro-active tax management and planning that takes account of your personal circumstances;
  • Direct ownership of assets (not beneficial ownership via a custodian);
  • Comprehensive reporting via ‘Whitehaven Portfolio Online’, ensuring full portfolio transparency;
  • Portfolios that are managed on a discretionary basis by professional portfolio managers; a service that is not usually available to individual clients. 


The first and most critical thing to understand is that investing is not a generic one-size fits all process. People have different levels of investment comfortability and timing requirements.  

Market timing, liquidity and economic influence

Income requirements and taxation issues

Direct asset ownership and control

Ability to be flexible

Whitehaven Private Portfolios’ Managed Discretionary Account service has a variety of investment management styles and covers not only all traditional asset classes but can open the doors to some new ideas as well.

From active investment Absolute Return Portfolios that has an objective to provide a market rate return without any significant loss of capital, to Income biased portfolios that will assist in funding future cash flow requirements.

Sometimes the best ideas are not necessarily completely new ideas. Just looking at the same idea from a different angle can make it work so much better and make your money work harder for you.

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